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The Edinburgh Guarantee

About Us

The Edinburgh Guarantee is a vision that all sectors in the city will work together to ensure that every young person in Edinburgh will leave school with the choice of a job, training or further education opportunity available to them.

By 2011 it had become more challenging for young people to find their first opportunity on leaving school. The economic slowdown had a major impact on young people, with reduced opportunities and increased competition for jobs driving youth unemployment rates up. In 2011 over 500 young people, almost 17% of the city's school leavers, left school into unemployment, unable to secure work or a place in further or higher education.

Without action there would have been significant implications for our young people, economy and communities. This issue could not be tackled by any one agency or organisation alone and it is for this reason that the City of Edinburgh Council developed a city wide partnership - the Edinburgh Guarantee.

What we do?

Working with the public, private and voluntary sectors, the Edinburgh Guarantee supports organisations to get involved in shaping and recruiting youth talent in the city.

How you can get involved? 

  • Help shape and prepare youth talent by engaging with schools and employability training providers
  • Recruit young people into jobs, Modern Apprenticeships and training.

What we've achieved so far:

  • 92.3% of school leavers entering a positive destination when leaving secondary education - an 11.1% increase compared to 2011
  • over 4,500 jobs, apprenticeships or training opportunities have been identified; over 3,000 young people have been matched into these opportunities
  • over 550 employers have contributed to this success.




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