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Support for Employers in Midlothian

Get involved in inspiring and recruiting young people in your local area.

Find out how to get involved and access the free recruitment support on offer below.

Entry level positions within organisations offer a great opportunity for young people to move into the world of work. These roles give young people a solid foundation for building their skills, knowledge and experience, with the potential to advance in the future.

The Guarantee offers free support and guidance for employers recruiting school leavers and young people. We can support with job descriptions, job advertising, shortlisting and invites to interview where necessary. 

To find out more contact us 

Have you ever thought about a Modern Apprenticeship? There are over 90 different types of MA frameworks which fit with many industries. Find out more below.  

Modern Apprenticeships, available from Skills Development Scotland, are structure work-based training towards an industry approved qualification. A Modern Apprenticeship offers employers the opportunity to recruit and train young people for their organisations. This is done through a combination of paid employment, job training and an industry recognised qualification.

Modern Apprenticeships give employees aged 16+ an alternative way to gain the skills, experience and qualifications to start a career within their chosen sector, without the need to study full-time. In addition, Modern Apprentices also gain a number of core skills including communication, numeracy, problem solving, working with others and IT skills. Further information can be FOUND HERE.

Midlothian Council, work placements refers to a limited period of time that a person spends with an employer during which they have the opportunity to learn directly about working life and the working environment. Some placements offer peple the chance to try their hand at particular tasks while others provide an opportunity to watch and learn. Work placements are changing in format, some are a week long, some are one day a week for a year.  They can be designed to suit the individual and the business needs.  

Marketplace, the digital platform connecting business with education can offer you a one door approach to connecting with your local and regional schools. Find out more in the work inspiration section below.

Marketplace is an online tool making it easy for you to build connections with schools and colleges.

Get involved in inspiring, informing and investing in young people. Pass on your knowledge of your sector through workshops, talks, workplace visits, online support or even competitions. 

Build young people's job readiness, increase their career options and grow their knowledge of the world of work. At the same time source your future workforce, address skills gaps and shape young talent.

Developed in partnership with Skills Development Scotland, Marketplace is quick and easy to use.

All you need to do is fill out a form to tell us about the opportunity you want to offer. Once approved your offer will be posted on an online noticeboard. Schools and colleges then get in touch with you. It's that simple.

Register or logon to Marketplace HERE

In Midlothian, there are training organisations that can support young people with assistance from employers. These organisations need the support of employers who are willing to offer a work placement that will allow a young person to increase their skills, experience and knowledge of the workplace.

Many of these training organisations deliver industry related qualifications alongside a work placement and therefore ask employers from specific industry sectors to get involved.  However, other training organisations deliver more generic qualifications like the certificate of work readiness and therefore ask employers from multiple sectors to get involved.

For further information and to offer training email 

Business Gateway: Midlothian Council delivers the Business Gateway contract.  Business Gateway Midlothian offers expert help and support to new and exisiting businesses.

Through Business Gateway you can access:

  • Free advice from our expert business advisers to help you start a business or find new ways of doing business
  • Free local seminars and workshops including specific skills events and start-up sessions - covering finance, marketing and e-commerce
  • Free business information on all aspects of starting and growing a business.  We are in partnership with other professional organisations so you can be sure you will receive the best possible support

For more information contact Business Gateway Midlothian or telephone  0131 271 3377

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