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My #NoWrongPath by Councillor Kelly Parry

8 August 2017

Today Midlothian's exam results are out and that piece of paper, or text, can hold a lot of expectations.

You might already have a plan in your head about your next steps - it may or may not depend on your results - but one thing is for sure, your next step, or your results will not be your last step.

When I left school I had no idea what I wanted to do - I didn't stay on to study highers I went to college instead and worked in finance jobs for a while. It wasn't until later on in life I decided to complete my highers, complete further study in Social Policy and change my path into a completely different field.

I used to joke that one day I wanted to be a politician, but if someone had told me I would on the day I got my exam results I would have laughed. But looking back, I'm glad I've taken a different route to get here, it's given me valuable experiences that are now really important to the job I do now and maybe the ones I'll do in the future.

So whether you are delighted or a bit disappointed today with your results there is simply no right or wrong path to achieving your goals.

#NoWrongPath is a campaign by the Developing The Young Workforce team that aims to engage with young people and employers and recognise the diversity of job roles, and paths to achieve them and that was a very important factor in my own path choices.

Education and training isn't just about exam results but should also value your life skills and experiences - it's about the journey not how quickly you get to your destination.