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SAAS bursary for Care Experienced students 2018-19

8 August 2018

New and continuing care experienced students undertaking an eligible college course will be eligible to apply for a funding package of tuition fees and a non-income assessed Care Experienced Students Bursary. The amount available in 2018-2019 is £8,100.

This new bursary replaces the current income-assessed living cost loan and bursary package. As such, if you apply for and meet the criteria to receive the Care Experienced Bursary, you will not be eligible to apply for a student loan.

In summary:

  • £8100 per academic year non-repayable to anyone care experienced starting their course before their 26th birthday
  • Care experience means literally looked after at any point in life (even someone adopted at the age of 2)
  • Housing bursary of up to £105 per week for accommodation in the summer (only summers linking academic years)
  • Covers HNC/HND/Degree programmes
  • Individual universities also have discretionary funding they are keen to use (e.g. at Napier an extra £2000 per year in bursaries)

For more information see the attached guide on the right.