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Spread the message that there is #NoWrongPath

4 August 2017

On 8th August, exam results will be released to young people across Scotland. We recognise that some young people may still not know what their next step is, some may be disappointed with their exam results and some delighted. In response to this daunting period, DYW have created the #NoWrongPath social media campaign.

The essence of the campaign is to spread the message that many people in interesting job roles across Scotland may have taken a linear path to get there and others may have not taken a straight, obvious or traditional path. The campaign will seek to empower young people to explore their own unique potential in a way that feels comfortable to them. 

We'd love you to get involved in this campaign to profile as many paths as possible!

Let us know your #NoWrongPath journey


Step 1         Pledge your support for the  campaign and mark 8 August 2017
                    in your diary.

Step 2         Get others involved.
                    Gain support from your friends and colleagues and encourage them
                    to do the same.

Step 3         Do it! On 8 August, post a photograph of yourself holding a handwritten
                    sign outlining your name, what you did when you left school and
                    what you are  doing now.

                    Remember to use  the hashtag #NoWrongPath  and tag us

Step 4         Nominate a friend or colleague and encourage them to get involved too!


Group Pics


If you'd like be involved but don't have a Twitter account, send us your photograph and we'll be happy to post on your behalf.