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Post School Activity

The Edinburgh Guarantee supports young people post school by making the following opportunities available to them.


Entry level opportunities within organisations offer a great stepping stone for young people to begin their employment in the world of work. It gives them a strong foundation for developing their skills, knowledge and experience, with the potential to advance in the future.

We encourage employers to revisit job descriptions and identify where a young person could be the right person for the job. We also offer support and guidance for employers recruiting school leavers.

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Modern Apprenticeships are structured work-based training towards an industry approved qualification. A modern apprenticeship offers employers the opportunity to recruit and train young people for their organisations. This is done through a combination of paid employment, on-the-job training and an accredited industry recognised qualification. A Modern Apprentice could be a new member of staff or an existing employee seeking to increase their capability.

Modern Apprenticeships give employees aged 16+ an alternative way to gain the skills, experience and qualifications to start a career within their chosen sector, without the need to study full-time. In addition, Modern Apprentices also gain a number of core skills including communication, numeracy, problem solving, working with others and IT skills.

Modern Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of sectors such as retail, business administration, hospitality and finance.

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In Edinburgh, we have a wide range of training organisations that support young people who have the aim of securing employment. All of these organisations need the support of employers who are willing to offer a work placement that will allow the young person to increase their skills, experience and knowledge of the workplace.

Many of these training organisations deliver industry related qualifications alongside the work placement and therefore ask employers from specific industry sectors to get involved. However, other training organisations deliver more generic qualifications like the Certificate of Work Readiness and therefore ask employers from multiple sectors to get involved.

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